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Alex Smith Net Worth Cars House Salary Contract 2018

Alex Smith Net Worth Cars House Salary Contract 2018

Early Life

Alex Smith
Alexander Douglas Smith was born in May, 1984. He is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

Born in Bremerton, Washington, Smith grew up in La Mesa, California. His father, Douglas D. Smith, was the Executive Director at the high school that Alex attended, Helix Charter High School, until June 30, 2012.

Smith has a brother, Josh, and two sisters, Abbey and MacKenzie. One of Smith's great-grandfathers was an Austrian immigrant of Serbian descent who immigrated to the U.S.

from the Austro-Hungarian Empire when he was 12 years old. To honor him, Smith, his brother, and his father are each tattooed with four firesteels, the traditional Serbian cross.

His sisters have said they will do the same. Smith's uncle, John L. Smith, is a college football head coach, and his cousin, Chris Shelton, was a former Major League Baseball player.In 2014,

Alex Smith Net Worth

  • $155 Million USD
  • Annual Income $17 Million USD
  • Personal Investments $78 Million USD
  • Luxury Cars – 11 $4 Million USD

Alex Smith Net Worth is $155 million USD and earns an annual Salary of $15 million dollars. The Net Worth of Alex Smith has seen a hike of 160% over the past few years.

Alex Smith recently bought a brand new Lamborghini luxury car for $500,000. Alexander Douglas Smith is an American football quarterback of the National Football League.

Alex Smith Cars

Alex Smith Cars
The Car collection of Alex Smith is quite large. He owns few of the best luxury cars in the world. The Car brands owned by Alex Smith include Jaguar, Ferrari, Cadillac, Audi and Aston Martin.

Alex Smith House

Alex Smith House
Alex Smith owns a best Luxury houses in Kansas City. He bought this House in 2013. Present value of the House around $2.9 Million.